Positive Equine Training in Ireland

Specialising in Working with Leisure Horses and Rescued Equines and their Handlers

Offering affordable access to ethical, science-based equine training and coaching, both in-person and online. Providing coaching suitable for all equestrians, from adult novice/first time horse owners, to the experienced equine handler looking to expand their skills, plus everyone in between.

My goal with each and every student is to help you and your equine(s) have a fun and rewarding time together, on the ground or in the saddle, to create a more engaged and connected partnership with your horse.

I am passionate about building a trusting human-equine relationship. I aim to always avoid unnecessary stress and fear in training, create pleasant outcomes for the equine so they feel safe, empowering equines through choice, and engaging them to participate in their own care.

As a qualified Connection Training Coach, I offer individualised coaching to support you through the online video courses available to you through your Connection Training Club membership. For non-members, I can support and guide you to your goals with tailored lesson plans and relevant video.

I offer guidance on appropriate equine management to reduce stress and meet their welfare needs, instruction in understanding equine behaviour, assistance in overcoming behavioural problems, introducing the science of how equines learn and the art of the positive reinforcement and clicker training toolbox.
Enjoy building the trusting relationship you’ve always dreamed of with a happy and willing partner through reward-based communication.

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